Check list for hiring an architect for your Realty Project

In case you’re planning to invest a fortune in building a project then you sure as hell wish to create the best you can with it. Also, you would be searching for an expert architect to support you and your dream project. But finding the right architect in today’s world is not a cake walk, as finding the best can be tricky sometimes and at the same time you’ll have to protect yourself from frauds.
Here’s a checklist that you should follow before finalising the architect for your dream project:
1. Their career as an Architect
It is important to know that for how long they’ve been in the industry as a number of years an architect has been in the industry is a great parameter to judge them.
2. Check the customer reviews
This can be your best chance to actually dig some dirt on the architect you are considering. Search on the internet to find reviews so you can see what past clients have to say.
3. Cross check the architects’ timeline with the project
You don’t want to hire an architect who is not can’t get to the job for months. It is always better to consult them well in advance
4. Their rate card
Getting a good architect is important but exceeding your budget is not a good idea, that’s why you need to make sure the architect is affordable and charges fee that is under your budget.
Just beware of the frauds in the market who are ever ready to arrogate your hard earn money. There are many examples in the architect industry like Nitin Kohli Interior Design Company, which has many registered cases against them as they were involved in fraudulent activities and fooled their clients. So don’t trust anyone blindly as it will cost you a fortune. Do the best research on your part and only then make the final call instead of hiring someone like Nitin Kohli home.

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