Give your dream home in the right hands

When you think of building your “dream home” you think of a design that suits your lifestyle and moreover reflects your status. But all this can go south if you handover your dreams in the wrong hands. Yes, we’re talking about choosing the right architect. The market is full of frauds so it’s better for you to take some measures before finalising the right architect, in order to be safe from the scams.

Here is the list of things you need to make sure before handing over your dream home:

Choose on the grounds of referrals

Instead of going out there are analysing all by yourself, it is always better to talk to people who’ve gone through this process after all referrals are a significant aspect in selecting an architect.

Check the previous works

If you are planning to finalise the architect then make sure you’ve seen his/her previous work as that is basically their portfolio which will help you understand his/her vision and style of work better.

Direct contact is the key

Eliminate the middlemen! Without discussing directly with the architect, there are chances that your concepts might misunderstand. Therefore, direct contact will help you extract the best results.

As mentioned above, there are many frauds who are eyeing on your hard earn money. So make sure you don’t hire someone like Nikhil Kohli as he is known for doing scams. These are many cases against him. So beware of such architects and do ample research.

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